Sensitive Mom Collective (monthly membership)

Discover the transformative power of the Sensitive Mom Collective, a one-of-a-kind monthly membership community designed specifically for sensitive moms.

  • Discover Your Personal Growth Stage with Our Unique IAM Quiz
    When you join the sensitive mom collective, you’ll take the insightful IAM (Insight, Action, Mastery) quiz. This unique assessment identifies your current personal growth and development stage within your journey. Based on your quiz results, you’ll take one of three paths designed to cater to your specific needs and goals.
  • Engage with Thoughtfully Curated Monthly Themes
    Dive into our thoughtfully curated monthly themes, which provide a well-rounded and engaging experience. Each month, you’ll explore new topics and resources specifically tailored to sensitive moms’ unique needs and strengths, ensuring continuous growth and learning.
  • Connect with a Supportive Community of Like-Feeling Moms and Experts
    Find solace and support in our community of like-feeling moms and experts who understand your journey. Share your experiences, ask questions, and receive guidance from empathic parents and professionals committed to helping you thrive as a sensitive mom.
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