Embrace Your Sensitivity: Parenting with Calmness & Confidence (Online Course)

It can be challenging to navigate the world as a sensitive mom. Often, you find yourself taking care of everyone else, but what about you? This course is here to support you in transforming from an overwhelmed and frazzled sensitive mom to one who feels calm and confident.

Throughout this course, you will learn valuable techniques to set boundaries without guilt, manage your emotions effectively, and create healthy boundaries to maintain your serenity and well-being. By implementing these strategies, you can focus on what matters most: being the best parent possible!

The course consists of five modules that will guide you in embracing your sensitivity as a mom. Each module includes a video, practical tips, tools, and recommended practices to incorporate into your daily life. 

Course Curriculum:

Module 1 – Awareness and Acceptance as a Sensitive Mom

Module 2 – Self-Care Foundation

Module 3 – The Power of Boundaries

Module 4 – How to Manage Emotions

Module 5 – Bringing it All Together


    • Each module has 5 lessons for a total of 25 lessons
    • Videos of me sharing on the topic
    • Worksheets, journal prompts to aid in learning with each module
    • Tip/tools that have worked personally and for my clients
    • Practices to add into your daily life
    • Audio with meditation
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